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The difference in the generation of work environments has become a subject always emerging in the development of human resource management, and the concept of generation differences continues to evolve over time. In the last few years the definition of generation has developed, one of which is the definition by Kupperschmidt's (2000) which says that the generation is a group of individuals who identify the group based on the same year of birth, age, location, and events in the life of that individual group that has significant influence In their growth phase. The results of this study indicate that there are significant differences in characteristics between generations Z with other generations, one of the main factors that distinguish is the mastery of information and technology. For the Z generation information and technology are things that have become part of their lives, because they are born where access to information, especially the Internet has become a global culture, so that it affects their values, views and life goals. The rise of the Z generation will also pose new challenges to management practices within organizations, especially for human resource management practices.


Keywords : Generational differences, Generation X, Generation Y, Generation Z

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